Will Wolf

"Plain and simple, she's a trail blazer. Christie came up before the female director movement... She made a career for herself by being a remarkable story teller. She's simply, one of the best"

Gerry Hamel, The Film Observer

" instant cult classic for the network "


- Screen Rant Reviews 

re: Identity Theft of a Cheerleader

"From Hallmark to Lifetime to Netflix: 11 Must -Watch Christmas Movies...  A timeless holiday classic... The Director effortlessly merges comedy with tender heart felt moments that work flawlessly"


- Sarah Hearon 

re: Poinsettias' For Christmas

"Christie Will created a dream-like atmosphere and added just enough surreal touches that the audience was kept off-balance.  Up until the very end of the film, I was expecting Lily to suddenly wake up and discover that she had just been having a particularly vivid fantasy."


- Marie Bowman 

re: Her Infidelity