June 01 2019 Christie Will Wolf won Best Screenwriting at The West Coast Canadian Screen Awards "The Leo's" In March 2019, Christie Will Wolf won the Directors Guild of Canada "Legacy Award". Update: April 2019, Christie Will Wolf nominated for Best Screenwriting, "The Leo's" - West Coast Canadian Screen Awards

Early Life: Christie Will grew up in Ontario Canada, and in 1995 was the recipient of the 'Terry Fox Humanitarian Award' given by the Canadian Government. Christie Will studied at Emerson College in Boston MA, and the College of Charleston in SC. She earned a BA in Business Arts Management, in addition to a BA in Theatre Performance (concentrating in Music Theatre and Film). Christie also earned a BFA in Art History, along with receiving a 'Leadership in the Arts' Distinction Award, upon graduation. Lastly, her education includes a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Creative writing from the University of British Columbia

Following University, Christie graced stages across North America, before moving to Los Angeles where she worked as an actress, and emerging director and writer. During this time, she split the year by living between Vancouver Canada and Los Angeles California. In Vancouver, Christie founded the first avant-garde black box theatre; The Beaumont Playhouse (based on the teachings of Sanford Meisner; Christie was a long time student of Robert Carnegie's 'Playhouse West' in Los Angeles). It was during her time back in the theatre that Christie honed in on her writing and directing for the stage. After finding success and audiences within the theatre scene, Christie soon transposed her efforts into film.

Career: Her first short film 'Dysfunction' was received with critical acclaim, encouraging Christie to focus her creative aspirations to further writing and directing for the big and small screen. She worked as Peter Berg's director's assistant (Smokin Aces, Friday Night Lights, Hancock, The Rundown), before moving into Senior Executive in Business Development for singer/ entertainer Paula Abdul (responsible for the development of Paula's first reality show 'Hey Paula'). From this position, Christie focused her sights on directing electronic press kits for feature films, and learning the business of movie production. Her sharp story telling, and creative approach to these electronic press kits, made for happy distributors and producers. She quickly moved into a producers seat, after earning the respect from her colleagues and peers.

After successfully producing (co-producing & associate producing) on various film and televised projects, Christie naturally segued into writing and directing feature films.

Christie's work has been described as "fresh, often providing an uncontrived social commentary on Hollywood" (ref: TS 2006). Her writing and directing has also been described as "authentic, uncensored, and female centric; Christie Will is one of those emerging talents to keep your eye on" (The Sun).

Christie's hit romantic comedy Slightly Single in L.A. was one of the pioneer acquisitions for Netflix in the rom-com genre. She additionally wrote and directed the first movie ever entirely helmed by a female (Writer and Director) for the Hallmark Channel. Today, she is most known for hitting record numbers and rave reviews for her television movies, which has put her in demand on such platforms.

Christie lives on the West Coast between Los Angeles California USA, and Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

Biography By: Andy Chu