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Acting Intensive

with multi multihyphenate director - writer - producer 



It is with great pleasure that we are offering three varied Acting Intensives, for different age ranges and varied entry levels.


1. The ADULT INTENSIVE is right for you if: you are committed to being a professional actor; you have some experience in theatre or film; you have some actor training; you recently graduated from theatre school; you have an agent or are actively seeking one; you are seeking  guidance and feedback for auditioning and working with Directors and fellow actors..

2. The YOUTH & TEEN (ages 7-12 / 12-18) is right for you if: you have some experience already in theatre or film but want training and guidance to become better and book more; are interested in getting into acting for film or television but have never done it, but are willing and eager to memorize and study with the best; seeking  guidance and feedback for auditioning and working with Directors and fellow actors.

3. The  ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS are ideal for: preparation for booked roles, auditions you want to win, for actors looking to find a fun, inspiring and creative way to build a stand out performance!

The best work is often the result of an intense and in depth period of concentrated effort. This is also the way an actor makes significant gains in their overall abilities. If you’ve acted in the theatre, for example, you know how great a distance you travel and how much you progress in a one-week rehearsal period. An acting intensive can have the same rewards.


Classes with Christie are designed for you to progress beyond what you thought possible and to do so in a short period of time. Working six hours each day, you’ll work with a small handful of like-minded actors to develop your skills in working effectively – and successfully –  in front of the camera. In these classes you’ll work with current film and television screenplays, including some of Miss Will's own screenplays. We’ll explore how to take direction under typical filming conditions, in addition to discovering your own unique personal style and what will help develop the strong personal centre that’s required to succeed as on on screen actor. 

We’ll also explore in depth the audition, and how to master it.

We’ll work to develop your individual acting style and help you understand what you have to offer and how the camera perceives you. We’ll address all the questions you have about the work and becoming the actor you want to

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